Company Culture


We come into the office everyday, ready to provide reliable data to the medical community - where they need it, when they need it with a dedicated team to facilitate an efficient, affordable and easy experience.


The vision that our company has for X-Link is simple - we strive to tirelessly work towards building X-Link compatibility into an industry standard through tenacious innovation that requires a deep pride in our products and services.

core values

Innovation: Gary Gorsline, the president and CEO of X-Link Medical Software Interfacing, founded X-Link over 30 years ago with the mission to empower and improve healthcare by sharing data among disparate systems. The solution, X-Link has since become the gold standard of healthcare system integration and interoperability.

Integrity: Our morals are everything; honesty, humility and responsibility. Without these, we have no credibility and without credibility everything crumbles. Our integrity drives us to make X-Link a reliable and efficient program, supported by a hardworking team that believes in a high quality product.

Accountability: Mistakes happen to the best of us. At X-Link, we believe that the admission of flaws helps us grow and move on to streamline processes that serve you better and improve our product all the time.

Communication: We have a dedicated team to answer your calls, emails and messages with speed and knowledge. Where else would you be able to call for support, be answered by a human and put on a support call within 15 minutes?

Teamwork: The result of our efforts to work with integrity, accountability and communication is a well-oiled machine that allows us to serve our customers and Partners with efficiency and transparency. We are always striving to motivate and build each other up, so that we can provide the very best to you.

Gratitude: Speaking of our customers, Partners and friends, X-Link would be nowhere without your confidence and support. We thank you for your continued trust throughout the past 30 years and we hope to grow with you into the future.