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As a manufacturer, you understand programming resources are valuable and limited. These resources are best utilized when dedicated to improving and enhancing your product. Let the leaders of medical system integration and interfacing for over 30 years, provide your interoperability solution. Empower your team with the ability to say "yes" to your customers interfacing necessities by recommending X-Link, the only solution that integrates or interfaces with over 3/4 of medical applications available.

Tap into X-Link's existing relationships with vendors who may not be willing to work with your company. X-Link takes a vendor neutral approach to interface development and relationships, allowing many companies to work side by side even if not the status quo in today’s marketplace.  We can more effectively perform these tasks as we already have the necessary contracts, partnerships and associations in place to easily and quickly develop, enhance and support your integration needs. 

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Development services that interface your solution into X-Link is completed one time, rather than connecting to each software manufacturers solution individually. This makes the option to use your system with a different application much more affordable as well as fast and easy to deploy. In most cases, this single one time development will provide integration options to all supported systems on our systems linked list.

We have many types of business relationships available and usually can cater to your unique requirements. They range from fulfilling a single customers need to providing interface solutions to many of your customers for multiple interface scenarios. Even if you use X-Link for a single customers need, you will quickly learn how X-Link expands your market penetration by allowing you to effortlessly maintain one interface and focus on your core software solutions.  X-Link Partners realize an immediate return on investment by offering off the X-Link shelf interface options to over 350 pre-programmed systems and solutions.

X-Link licensing options are flexible and tailored to meet our Partners market needs. Partners are offered many options to distribute, sell, fully support, configure and train your customer base. Or if preferred, the Easy Business Software team and/or VARs can take on some or all of these functions for X-Link Partner companies within the X-Link Solutions Network.

By joining the X-Link Solutions Network, Partners have access to over 2000 VAR and Partner companies and organizations. Co-branded marketing efforts, X-Link collateral and Partner spotlights are highlights of the many marketing strategies furnished to X-Link Partners and delivered to the entire X-Link Solutions Network.