Products and Solutions

X-Link Medical Software Interfacing is middleware for Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, Lab Ordering, Appointment Reminder, Prescription Systems, Patient Check In, Document Management, Health Information Exchanges, PACS Imaging, Inventory Management, Medical History or other emerging medical technology products.

X-Link delivers the data you need - where you need it - when you need it - so the many different functions in a practice can work together with popular Practice Management Systems and Clinical Systems in a variety of provider settings. With X-Link Medical Software Interfacing, users can choose from over 300 different clinical solutions for their practice management system.

Additional options for Payment Solutions are available. The just released Lytec payment service from Intuit Health is sure to make your life easier, save you hours of frustrating busywork each week—and help your practice collect patient payments faster.

X-Link Card Processing is software to interface Credit Card Processing to Lytec and Medisoft all in real time, from the manufacturers of the X-Link Technology product lines. Process open ledger items for a patient and post automatically into Lytec. Or process a co-pay or non-ledger item and match later when the bill has been created!

X-Link provides a real time interface for your practice systems which eliminates the need for duplicate data entry between different systems in your office. Being successful in developing medical integration tools for demanding applications takes a high level of expertise and a rigorous approach to quality.

Let Easy Business Software and the X-Link Solutions Network help solve your integration needs.

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