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X-Link Medical Software Interfacing provides an extensive connectivity framework, making it easy for customers and partners who need to quickly solve the "last 1%" of the connectivity problem.  X-Link allows customers and partners to connect to even the most difficult or obscure end-points. It makes establishing connectivity simple and fast, but not at the expense of functionality. 

Because X-Link is a flexible solution requiring configuration, not coding, it is easy to implement and modify as business processes inevitably change. Through thousands of customer implementations, X-Link has integrated with a combination of over 75,000 interface possibilities.

Systems Linked

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Practice Management Systems
AdvancedMD 2018 by AdvancedMD
AdvancedMD 2017 by AdvancedMD
AdvancedMD Summer 2015 by AdvancedMD*
AdvancedMD Summer 2013 by AdvancedMD*

AltaPoint Chiropractic 15 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Chiropractic 14 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Chiropractic 12 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Chiropractic 11 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Chiropractic 10.1 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Chiropractic 10 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Chiropractic 9 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Chiropractic 8 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Medical 16 by AltaPoint
AltaPoint Medical 14 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Medical 12 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Medical 11 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Medical 10.1 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Medical 10 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Medical 9 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Medical 8 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Vision 14 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Vision 12 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Vision 11 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Vision 10.1 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Vision 10 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Vision 9 by AltaPoint*
AltaPoint Vision 8 by AltaPoint*

Caretracker 8 by Optum
Centricity 11 by GE Healthcare*
Centricity 10 by GE Healthcare*
Centricity 9 by GE Healthcare*

Centriq Hospital Solution by Healthland*
CollaborateMD by CollaborateMD*
CyberMED PM by Zybex, Inc*
Duxware PMS by Medical Practice Software
eCastPM 2017 by eCast Corp*
eCastPM Summer 2013 by eCast Corp*
eClinicalWorks PM 10 by eClinicalWorks*
eClinicalWorks PM 9 by eClinicalWorks
edgeMED PM by edgeMED(formerly Zoom PM)
Enterprise PM by NextGen*
Freedom Medical Systems by Custom Computing Corp.
gloPM by gloStream
Healthmatics Ntierprise by Allscripts*
Ideal by Cerner*
Innovative PM by edgeMED
Intergy by Greenway Health (Formerly Vitera Software)*
LynxPM 2017 (Formerly Oncology Therapy Network (OTN)*
LynxPM Summer 2015 by Oncology Therapy Network (OTN)*
Lytec 2018 by eMD’s*(Formerly McKesson)
Lytec 2017 by eMD’s*(Formerly McKesson)
Lytec 2015 by McKesson*
Lytec 2014 by McKesson*
Lytec 2013 by McKesson*
Lytec 2011 by McKesson*
Lytec 2010 by McKesson*
Lytec 2009 by McKesson*
Lytec 2008 by McKesson*
Lytec 2007 by McKesson*
Lytec 2006 by McKesson*
MDOffice by MDOffice*
MDSuite PM by Data Strategies*
Medical Helper 7.x by Nightingale*
Medical Manager 12 by Greenway Health (Formerly Vitera Software)*
Medical Manager 11 x by Greenway Health (Formerly Vitera Software)*
Medical Manager 10.31 x by Greenway Health (Formerly Vitera Software)*
Medical Manager 10.30 x by Greenway Health (Formerly Vitera Software)*
Medical Manager 9.2 - 10.20 x by Greenway Health (Formerly Vitera Software)*
Medical Master PMS by Compu Service*
Medical Mastermind 15 by Software Unlimited
Medinformatix Enterprise PM by Medinformatix
Medisoft 22.x by eMD’s* (Formerly McKesson)
Medisoft 21.x by eMD’s* (Formerly McKesson)
Medisoft 20.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 19.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 18.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 17.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 16.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 15.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 14.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 12.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 11.x by McKesson*
Medisoft 10.x by McKesson*
MediTech by MediTech*
Medly PM by Medical Legal Consulting
MedPrime by Med USA
MicroMD 13 PM by Henry Schein*
MOMS at by DataTel Solutions
PowerWorks Specialty PM by Cerner*
PracticeAdmin by PracticeAdmin LLC
Practice Expert by California Medical Systems*
Practice Manager X3 (PMX3) by Synergy MIS
PracticePro PM by MTBC
PrimeSUITE 17 by Greenway Medical Technologies
PrimeSUITE 16 by Greenway Medical Technologies
Professional PM by Allscripts*
QuickPractice PM by PracticePRO Software*
Radysans PM
Series 2000 PMS by McKesson
Stratford PM by Stratford Software, Inc
Therapist Helper 7 by Netsmart Technologies*
Tiger 9.10.15 by Allscripts Misys*
Tiger 9 thru 9.10.3 by Allscripts Misys*
Tiger 8 by Allscripts Misys*
Vision PMS by Allscripts Misys*

Electronic Health Records
ABELMed by ABELSoft*
Acumen by HIT Services Group*
AdvantaChart by CompuMed Systems
AdvMD 2018 EHR
AllMeds EMR by AllMeds*
AllScripts Pro EHR by AllScripts
Amazing Charts 10 by Amazing Charts* Amazing Charts 9 by Amazing Charts*
Amazing Charts 8 by Amazing Charts*
Amazing Charts 7 by Amazing Charts*
Amazing Charts 6 by Amazing Charts*
Amazing Charts 5 by Amazing Charts*
Amazing Charts 4 by Amazing Charts*
Amazing Charts 3 by Amazing Charts*
BioStation EMR by Soren Technology
CareTracker EMR by OptumInsight (formerly Ingenix)*
Chart Links by Chart Links LLC*
ChartLogic by Task Technologies*
ChartScape by ChartScape*
ChartWare by ChartWare*
Clinical Agent by MedAppz, Inc.
Cliniflow by Henry Schein*
ClinixMD by ClinixMIS (formerly MedicWare EMR)
ComChart by ComChart
CompuKid EMR by Pediatric Software
digiChart OBGYN EMR by Artemis*
DirectorMD by Health Communication Systems
DocLinks EMR by LIN Software
doc2MD by doc2MD, Inc.
DocumentPlus by DocumentPlus
DOX Podiatry EMR by DOX Podiatry
Dream EMR by CompuGroup Medical (formerly Visionary)*
Dr. Notes by DataMed
eCast EMR by eCast Corp.*
eClinicalWorks 10 EHR by eClinicalWorks*
eClinicalWorks 9 EHR by eClinicalWorks*
eHealth Made Easy by Imagine MD (formerly eHealth Made EASY LLC)
EHRiX EMR by Hi-TechMD
Encite Clinical Manager by Encite*
EncounterPRO by Xcite Health Corp.
Enterprise EMR by Allscripts*
E-Record by Exscribe
EyeMD EMR by EyeMD
Falcon by DaVita, Inc.
Falcon by Spring Medical Systems
FileCenterHC EMR by Lucion Technologies
Footprints by BMC Software, Inc. (Formerly Numara Software)
Forte EMR by Forte Holdings, LLC.
Freedom Chart Manager by SRSsoft*
gEHRiMED EHR by Geriatric Practice Management*
gloEMR by gloStream
Goldblatt EMR
HEALTHeSTATE by Libertas
Healthmatics EMR by Allscripts (Formerly A4 Health Systems)*
ICANotes EMR by ICANotes
Inform & Enhance by Mentor Solutions
Integrity EMR for Eyes by Integrity Digital Solutions*
IntelleChart Suite 1-2.3 by MD Intellesys
IntelliDose TxM by IntrinsiQ
iPatientCare EHR by MCS*
iRecord by MedAppz, Inc
Liquid EMR by Liquid Medical Office
LytecMD 2015 by McKesson*
LytecMD 2014 by McKesson*
LytecMD 2013 by McKesson*
LytecMD 2011 by McKesson*
LytecMD 2010 by McKesson*
LytecMD 2009 by McKesson*
MDCare EMR by Vision Infonet*
MD Dictate EMR by 3M*
MD Reports by Infinite Software Solutions*
MedAffinity EMR by MedAffinity Corp.
MedFlow by MedFlow*
Medgen EHR by Comtron Corp.*
MedGre EHR by GreenApples MedSystems
MedicalMime EHR by Globalone IT, LLC
MediChart Express 2 by Cyber Records
MedicsDocAssistant by Advanced Data Systems *
MedicWare (formerly MedicWare)
MediMobile by JPG Technologies, Inc. (Formerly Healthcare Intelligence, Inc.)
MediNotes E 5.5 by Allscripts (formerly Eclipsys)*
MediNotes E 5.0 - 5.4 by Allscripts (formerly Eclipsys)*
MediNotes E by Allscripts (formerly Eclipsys)*
Medisoft Clinical 20 by McKesson*
Medisoft Clinical 19 by McKesson*
Medisoft Clinical 18 by McKesson*
Medisoft Clinical 17 by McKesson*
Medisoft Clinical 16 by McKesson*
Medisoft Clinical 15 by McKesson*
MediTalk by One Healthcare Solution (formerly Quincy)
MediTech by MediTech*
MedLink iSuite Version 4 by MedAppz
Meridian EMR by Healthtronics (formerly MeridianEMR)
MicroMD EMR 10 by Henry Schein*
MicroMD EMR 9 by Henry Schein*
MicroMD EMR 8 by Henry Schein*
MicroMD EMR 7 by Henry Schein*
MicroMD EMR 6 by Henry Schein* by MCS (formerly MedComSys)
Mobile MedData by Medical Communication Systems
MxChart EMR by MxSecure, Inc.
MyChartsOnline EMR by MyChartsOnline, Inc.
MyWay EMR by Allscripts*
NextGenEMR™ by NextGen*
NextGen Office EHR(Formerly MediTouch EHR)
OncoEMR by Altos Solutions
One Medical EMR by Astegic
One Touch EMR by One Touch EMR Inc.
Patagonia Health EMR by Patagonia Health
PatientNOW by PatientNOW, Inc.
PeakPractice by Allscripts* (formerly Eclipsys)
Physicians Solution by Universal EHR Solutions (Formerly Med Records Alert)
PowerChart EMR by Cerner*
Practice Fusion EHR by Practice Fusion Practice Fusion EHR Clinical by Practice Fusion
PracticeIT by PracticeIT, LLC
Practice Partner by eMD’s(Formerly McKesson) Practice Partner 11.x by McKesson
Practice Partner 9.5.x by McKesson
Practice Partner 9.x by McKesson*
Praxis 7 by Infor-Med
Praxis 6 by Infor-Med
Praxis 5 by Infor-Med
Praxis 4 by Infor-Med
Praxis 3 by Infor-Med
Precision Code Plus by MDe Solutions
PrimeSUITE 17 by Greenway Medical Technologies
PrimeSUITE 16 by Greenway Medical Technologies
Professional EHR by Allscripts*
PrognoCIS by Bizmatics
ProVation EHR by Wolters Kluwer Health*
QD Clinical by Stat! Systems
ReDoc 7 by Rehab Documentation*
ReDoc 6 by Rehab Documentation*
RESource by MedSoftware, LLC
SecurityHealthNotes EMR by SecurityHealthSystems
SerenityEMR by Medical Efficiency Systems
SmartClinic 16 by VIPMedicine LLC
SOAPware 2012.X by DOCS, Inc.*
SOAPware 7.X by DOCS, Inc.*
SOAPware 5.X by DOCS, Inc.*
SOAPware 4.X by DOCS, Inc*
SOAPware 3.X by DOCS, Inc*
SOAPware 2011.X by DOCS, Inc.*
SOAPware 2010.X by DOCS, Inc.*
SOAPware 2008.X by DOCS, Inc.*
Spring Charts EHR 2014 by Spring Medical Systems
Spring Charts EHR 2012 by Spring Medical Systems
Spring Charts EHR 2011 by Spring Medical Systems
Spring Charts 10.x by Spring Medical Systems
Spring Charts 9.x by Spring Medical Systems
T-System EV by T-System*
TouchChart by Allscripts*
TouchChart Notes by Allscripts*
TouchScripts by Allscripts*
TouchWorks by Allscripts*
UniEHR by Universal EHR Solutions
UroChart 2 by Intuitive Medical Software
ValueCharts 9 by Spring Medical Systems
ValueCharts 8 by Spring Medical Systems
Vista-Office EHR by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
Washington by Wilson Medical
WebChart by Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE)*
WebPT EMR by WebPT Inc.*
Welford Chart Notes by MedCom*
World Wide EMR by MD Logic
WritePad by Addison Health Systems, Inc.*
VersaMed by Creative EMS Inc.
Yeats Clinical EMR by Medicomp

Health Information Exchanges (HIE)
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Patient Portals
Laboratory Systems
Appointment Reminder
Document Management
Inventory Management
PACS Medical Imaging
Patient Check-In Kiosk
Prescription Systems
Drug Dispensing Systems
Credit Card Processing

* These systems may require additional interfacing requirements. Contact the system vendor    for interfacing requirements for X-Link MSI.