Business Analytics and Intelligence

Summit Provider Exchange™ provides the most flexible bi-directional physician EMR integration platform on the market today giving hospitals tighter control over patient registration and order management. Enabling bi-directional physician EMR integration has never been more important as the needs for data exchange increases with industry mandates such as meaningful use or the desire to contribute to a regional health information exchange. Furthermore integrating with your physician offices will contribute to your hospital bottom line and allow your organization to remain competitive in the marketplace.
Powered by a unique, metadata-driven ETL engine, the Health Catalyst Analytics Platform extracts data from a healthcare organization’s many source systems and gathers them into Health Catalyst’s Late-Binding™ Data Warehouse, where it binds the right data, at the right time, and at the right place. When surfaced later in interactive visualizations, decision makers can bring that quality, cross-organizational data into focus and deliver specific, actionable interventions in quality, outcomes, patient safety, and waste reduction.
Lightbeam’s comprehensive end-to-end solutions transform data aggregated from disparate sources into actionable information that will help you effectively manage your population at a lower cost.
As ACA, HITECH, and major health reform initiatives transform healthcare with a bold, new vision centered around effective data sharing, Cognosante offers industry-leading expertise to help you achieve the promise of health information exchange (HIE). We design, develop, and deliver HIE systems to connect, share, and optimize information and services across your enterprise.