Electronic Health Records

For better business and patient health — Practice Partner is a certified electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution designed to help you do more for your patients while improving your bottom line. Proven to work for practices nationwide, Practice Partner helps practices of all sizes and specialties improve productivity and enhance quality care. The Practice Partner system provides a host of innovative tools to improve both office and clinical efficiency. These EHR and practice management tools were specifically designed to efficiently manage today’s complex business requirements while keeping quality care top of mind. The Practice Partner system includes three powerful applications, which are available individually or together: Patient Records, Medical Billing and Appointment Scheduler.
Cerner’s PowerChart® solution offers a simple, intuitive visual interface that is designed by clinicians, for clinicians, working in both acute care and ambulatory settings. PowerChart is designed to create a multi-entity electronic medical record (EMR). The solution provides quick access to the most relevant information for timely decisions, supporting common tasks and anticipating clinicians’ next steps. By combining all essential elements of the EMR into a single solution, PowerChart delivers more than other systems. You get the benefits of a clinical database, with functionality allowing you to view clinical data, complete orders and optimise clinician documentation in one powerful solution.
Over 15 years ago, the widely-publicized death of a healthcare reporter from a chemotherapy overdose at a leading cancer center sparked the creation of IntelliDose. Developed by oncologists for oncologists, IntelliDose® has become the leading clinical information system for medical oncology. In practices ranging from single oncologist offices to major academic medical centers, IntelliDose improves patient safety, quality of care, and streamlines workflows. Oncologists use IntelliDose to manage and document every aspect of cancer care from treatment decisions to administration of drugs. This real-time information creates IntrinsiQ Data, an accurate, detailed, longitudinal clinical database of how cancer treatment is actually practiced and delivered.
The patent-pending EMRDoc Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) is helping physicians, nurses and other providers take emergency care to the next level. EMRDoc allows for easy management of medicla electronic records and addresses the unique and fast-paced demands of the Emergency Department with an intuitive user interface developed by ED physicians and nurses. Integrating seamlessly with most HIS systems and Certified for Meaningful Use, EMRDoc enables efficient and comprehensive documentation using electronic medical records (EMR).
ABELMed PM-EMR is easy to learn and use and has the flexibility to adapt to established workflows while automating daily tasks. Fully integrated, it provides access to patient information from a single source. Using the latest Microsoft technologies, ABELMed PM-EMR delivers comprehensive functionality that includes clinical documentation, laboratory interfaces, patient and resource scheduling, billing, transcription, end-to-end coding and claims processing, data management, documentation management and patient portals, work flow tools, and more.
The Acumen EHR is a robust electronic health record application which models the activities of practicing physicians. The Acumen EHR focuses on the efficient provision of healthcare, rather than the technology used to make the systems function. Acumen EHR enables clinicians to electronically document patient encounters, review historical information, and enable e-prescribing and decision support to create a fully automated paperless office.
Designed in partnership with OB/GYNs, AdvantaChart™ is a powerful electronic medical records (EMR) system that mirrors the established workflow process of OB/GYN offices. This windows-based program operates on each office's own network to combine imaging, data recognition, and other leading edge technology to create, maintain, and provide access to patient records.
AllMeds is a unique specialty-specific Electronic Medical Record, offering a powerful solution for information management to streamline patient encounters and ensure accurate E&M coding. Deep clinical content is already built into the AllMeds EMR, so there’s no need for expensive and time-consuming customization.
Allscripts Professional EHR's intuitive design mimics practice workflow, while its simple and flexible navigation mirrors a physician’s mind flow. Allscripts Professional is the EHR that pays you back and there’s never been a better time to implement an Allscripts Professional EHR. Flexible financing options—including zero payments for the first six months—and a proven return on your investment make Allscripts Professional the clear choice.
Amazing Charts is a full-featured Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that allows scheduling, intra-office messaging, and complete documentation of the medical encounter in a fast, efficient, and straight-forward manner. Designed by physicians for physicians, Amazing Charts is continually updated to incorporate suggestions submitted by thousands of users around the country. X-Link is the source for your Amazing Charts interface.
BioStation is a full fledged Electronic Health Record (EHR) available in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of small practices as well as large organizations. More importantly, the environment is designed from the ground up for collaboration and interoperability.
-Designed to support RHIO's through cost subsidies
-Patient portal Decision Support Systems
-Web 2.0 works like a rich client but in a browser
-Customizable touch screen interfaces
OptumInsight CareTracker EMR is a web-based application fully integrated with all the operational functions of the practice. Pulling charts, approving refill requests, and signing lab results are just a click away. This simplicity strengthens the patient physician experience, improves quality, and reduces costs.
Chart Links integrates a distributed electronic medical record with a discipline-specific workflow for a wide range of rehabilitation applications. Our products help you deliver quality patient care in a cost-effective way and comply with industry standards for gathering and using patient information in a secured electronic environment.
ChartLogic™ is a feature-rich customized Electronic Medical Office system with personalized service. Additional optional advanced features are available to further meet the needs of your practice. Through the latest technology and customer-driven enhancements, we are committed to continually improving our products and services.
Chartscape is a flexible and extensible web-based oncology EMR system. The system is built on a specially designed content management platform that permits complete customization of both on-screen forms and the application logic. In addition Chartscape's unique level of customization empowers clinical staff to create a system that mimics their existing workflow.
ChartWare makes you more competitive in the increasingly complex healthcare environment. ChartWare products are designed with an emphasis on user interface and productivity enhancements. Improving quality and revenue while reducing costs and risks achieves greater patient and provider satisfaction.
Medappz, creator of iSuite, is a software development company focused on building an evolution to a new health care information system. Medappz has developed its electronic health record, front office and back office management systems to give ambulatory care providers the proper tools to automate the medical record and connect trading partners through advanced internet technologies.
Cliniflow is the General Practitioner EMR solution from Henry Schein – the trusted partner for healthcare professionals. With more than 73 years serving physicians, Henry Schein adds unmatched external resources to Cliniflow’s intuitive interface and comfortable charting. Cliniflow EMR delivers a valuable combination of superior software and hardware support, convenient interfacing services, flexible financing options, flexible training solutions, and more – all from one source! Plus, exclusive technology partnerships will let you use medical equipment and devices more efficiently through the Cliniflow software.
ClinixMD EMR by ClinicMIS is an electronic medical record software that allows medical professionals to save time and money, enabling them to better care for their patients. This is accomplished by centralizing your patient medical record software and streamlining the diagnostic and treatment processes.
ComChart EMR is a comprehensive electronic medical record which was created in the office of a practicing physician. Designed to mimic the traditional paper medical record, ComChart is very easy to learn and it will enable you to build a paperless office. Unlike most EMRs, ComChart is sold as a comprehensive EMR package; there are no "modules" or hidden fees. Visit the ComChart web site to download a demo or watch a ComChart Movie.
Pediatric Software CompuKID is software that will help maintain your quality care, keep comprehensive pediatric medical records, help reduce liability exposure, alleviate paperwork and encourage client visits. Computer literacy is not a prerequisite to use this comprehensive pediatric charting system. CompuKID has been designed to be useable by first-time computer users…it is pediatrics on a computer screen. After 30 minutes on the system, you may never again refer to our user guide. If you can do it on paper, you can do it with CompuKID.
With digiChart, you will completely optimize your workflow – clinically, financially and administratively. Our solutions are built exclusively for OB-GYN practices like your own. Every day practices harness the power of digiChart OB-GYN, our integrated, specialty-specific Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management System to provide safer, more consistently documented care to nearly 1,500,000 women across the country.
DirectorMD EHR is a full-feature EHR, which serves everybody in the office, physicians, physician assistants, nurse professionals / practitioners, medical assistants, managed care, front-office staff, billing staff, and even patients! Designed using Microsoft .Net framework, DirectorMD EHR scales up all the way from solo physicians practices to offices having more than 200 physicians, multiple locations, and serving multiple specialties.
DocLinks™ is an affordable, adaptive and secure Southwestern Washington based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution providing physicians and practice groups an unprecedented vision of a fully collaborative healthcare delivery system. Its modular design, Internet-based architecture, user-friendly interfaces and robust functionality make DocLinks™ the perfect solution for physician practices, multi-specialty groups and larger medical communities.
The doc2MD software system is a revolutionary Electronic Health Records system which allows the medical provider to quickly and accurately document a patient encounter. You will find that doc2MD's intuitive interface is easy to learn and use. Our experience is that a medical provider with computer experience is comfortably documenting medical encounters after the first day — and proficient shortly thereafter.
The increasing demand for documentation by insurance companies and Managed Care have created a nightmare for practitioners. Treating the patient is, and should be, the number one priority. DocumentPlus was created to streamline the paperwork, enhance practice management and assist in practice building. How does one program do all that? Automated forms and a scanner enable the collection of comprehensive information that works with our system to produce the highest quality reports. Our forms facilitate complete documentation and correspondence by using automated doctor’s questionnaires, clinical forms, a personal computer, software and scanner. DocumentPlus completes all record keeping effortlessly and instantaneously.
DOX PA is the central hub that will allow you to simply and efficiently manage all aspects of patient care. DOX contains the most complete, pre-built, Podiatry specific data base available. Every diagnosis, treatment, chart note, operative report, referrals, prescriptions, orders and billing codes for every condition below the knee are already in the DOX system. No templates to build, no customization required. Ready to use on day one!
Electronic Medical Records will improve office efficiency and workflow by providing electronic access to patient information. CompuGroup Medical's (formerly Visionary) DREAM™ EMR stores critical patient information - such as charts, medication, allergies and lab reports. Dream allows quick access while reducing any chance of error.
Dr. Notes provides a total solution to healthcare providers in terms of Health Information Systems and Services. We have taken the "Best of Breeds" approach because we know that each one of us is a specialist in our own respective fields. The Dr. Notes Clinical Management and Disease Prevention System is our flagship product for a total of 38 medical and surgical specialties.
Introducing eCast Advantage. Integrated software for today's medical practice. With 27+ years of providing medical technology to physicians and provider groups, eCast Software has the experience to help your practice prepare for the upcoming Meaningful Use requirements. eCast provides a total office solution with a CCHIT Certified EMR, an award winning PMS, document management, and eCast RCM medical billing services.
eClinicalWorks EMR provides more than just a way for your practice to go paperless. This comprehensive solution is the next-generation for healthcare IT, allowing practices to improve efficiency and enhance patient care. Using industry leading technology, eClinicalWorks will help your practice achieve its goal of delivering the best patient care possible.
eHealth Made Easy The eHealth Made EASY suite of products was built to address the environmental changes of the United States’ Healthcare System. Offering easy to use, affordable healthcare record keeping is the key step towards better quality of care, as well as enabling the vision of the electronic exchange of healthcare information.
HITECH-MD provides physicians a 100% web-based system that employs the encryption standards of the financial industry. HITECH-MD furthermore allows the physicians complete secure access to their patient medical records from their office, home or hospital. In addition, the patients are also given access to their medical records and the ability to make payments and schedule appointments via the patient's portal.
Encite's Clinical Manager EMR software application is a powerful package that combines both touch and voice technologies in a PC-Tablet Wireless environment. This application is fully customizable, specialty-specific with a design that is based on real-world, day-to-day use by the Healthcare Professional. Even though our application accommodates the practice's daily workflow, we do not stop there.
EncounterPRO is a computer-based patient record and workflow management system for physicians' offices that uses touchscreens and pen computers. It's features include rapid-data entry, user-friendliness, workflow, configurability, prescription writing, digital camera interface, signature capture and more.
E-Record EMR by Excribe is designed to assist practices in increasing revenues, protecting their practices and helping them improve quality of life for their physicians. Designed for Orthopaedics, our EMR focuses on documenting efficiently and effectively with an emphasis on compliance with E/M coding requirements. The open-systems EMR easily adapts to practice workflow with multiple means of data entry and support for dictation and transcription.
EyeMD Electronic Medical Records by EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems, Inc is so in tune with Ophthalmology procedures, you will feel like you made it. Mainly because someone like you helped create it. EyeMD Electronic Medical Records was developed from Day 1 in direct collaboration with a practicing Ophthalmologist. We positioned our development office within the real-world environment of their practice, which allowed us to work directly with their staff on a daily basis. Our level of understanding clearly shows in our product.
With EZnotes™, your life will become easier, less pressured, and you’ll have greater peace-of-mind knowing that you’re using the best system available to ensure accurate patient documentation. In addition, you are done with the patient the second they walk out the door, and you will be proud of your notes!
The four components in this intuitive software suite connect your office and dialysis center, your lab and your access center. Developed, tested and endorsed by kidney professionals in the doctor’s office and the dialysis center, Falcon™ is powered by DaVita® and supported by a dedicated Falcon IT team. DaVita dialysis centers nationwide as well as individual nephrologist offices are benefiting from the advantages of this technology.
Spring Medical offers ARRA Certified Falcon EHR, SpringCharts EMR and ValueCharts EMR to deliver on the promise of Electronic Medical Records to increase productivity and improve patient care in small to mid-sized medical offices. It combines the right mix of rich functionality, intuitive ease of use, and affordability needed to enable rapid and complete documentation with a minimum of cost and disruption.
FileCenter helps you scan, organize, find, and edit computer files ... fast and easy. Whether for use in the home or office, FileCenter makes scanning more efficient and file organization more intuitive. Get started with your free trial and accomplish more today. Discover the complete paperless office solution that's got everyone talking. FileCenter: simple, yet powerful.
Unprecedented in its ease of implementation and configuration, BMC (formerly Numara®) FootPrints® 8 is the most comprehensive and flexible Service Desk Management Solution on the market today. The scalable BMC FootPrints 8 delivers powerful capabilities at a price that other enterprise solutions cannot match.
ForteEMR combines all of the features you need in an EMR system but with the ability to truly customize the software around your practice… not having to change your practice to accommodate your software. It is a Chiropractic specific solution. Although ForteEMR has many different features and benefits, at its essence it is designed to bring 4 major business improvements to your practice.
SRS’ Freedom Chart Manager™ provides powerful workflow tools such as messaging, electronic prescriptions, referral order management, integrated transcription services, and customized flow sheets with a robust document management engine that eliminates the need for paper charts. This non-proprietary solution delivers the benefits of a paperless office now and can easily integrate with all practice management and EHR systems.
gEHRiMed™ electronic health record is engineered to meet the specific needs of physicians and clinicians working in the long-term and sub-acute care environments. With easy navigation and an intuitive design, our portable, web-based EHR supports the unique workflow of providers caring for patients in long-term care facilities.
gloStream electronic medical record solutions are delivered and supported through a nationwide network of partners. The company’s flagship product, gloEMR, features single click access to a broad range of clinical decision tools, patient data, voice recognition technology and a robust document management system that streamlines clinical workflow.
With Goldblatt Systems, providers only need to log in to be instantly delivered to their dashboard that contains pertinent information and tasks to manage their practice. The most advanced technology and HIPAA Security methods are deployed for Goldblatt Systems RaaSN's comprehensive EHR.
By automating labor and paper intensive tasks involved in maintaining compliant patient medical records, AND by having this system fully integrated into your RMT, eRx and PRM applications, you can drastically reduce administrative time, mitigate risk and reduce liability. Streamlining your workflow in this manner will allow you and your support staff to focus on growing your practice and providing the highest quality of care.
ICANotes is the most widely used behavioral health EHR. Designed by a psychiatrist, it is web-based, intuitive to use, and easy to learn. ICANotes helps clinicians quickly and easily create detailed, thorough, and individualized electronic mental health records with no typing or dictating. Practice management functionality is included for scheduling, e-prescribing, billing, and reporting.
Inform&Enhance® Software by Mentor Corp, a part of Ethicon owned by Johnson and Johnson. Inform&Enhance is the first “customer relationship management” software geared to the unique needs of cosmetic surgery patients. The software offers proven strategies and systems designed to automatically provide proactive and ongoing patient contact. Regular updates help you respond to the latest market trends and patient preferences.
IntelliChart Suite EMR by MDIntelleSys provides a unique EHR solution for Ophthalmology that combines up-to-date expert clinical knowledge with innovative software design and state-of-the-art technology to deliver industry leading clinical tools. Primary focus is on the doctor-patient interaction and facilitating efficient, quality patient care.
Developed in a clinical environment by and for eye doctors, Integrity EMR for Eyes uses an elegantly designed interface that will have you and your staff up and running productively from day one. Our years of research and development have yielded a superior software product that has earned complete certification to qualify for meaningful use.
iPatientCare EHR is a full-feature EHR, which serves everybody in the office, physicians, physician assistants, nurse professionals / practitioners, medical assistants, managed care, front-office staff, billing staff, and even patients! Designed using Microsoft .net framework, iPatientCare EHR scales up all the way from solo physicians practices to offices having more than 200 physicians, multiple locations, and serving multiple specialties.
Liquid Medical Office Liquid Medical Office represents the next generation in total office and clinic automation. We offers an integrated software suite of paperless solutions including scheduling, electronic medical records, paperless document management and integrated electronic billing in one comprehensive package. Liquid EMR is a surprisingly affordable, coordinated, paperless clinical environment that increases efficiency, reduces costs and allows physicians the flexibility to practice medicine the way they choose.
LytecMD is a combined practice management and electronic health record (PM/EHR) system that includes the features of Lytec 2010 and a proven EHR that has helped thousands of practices improve their quality of care and financial performance.
Simple. Secure. Affordable. HIPAA Compliant. Flexible and customizable. User friendly for efficient documentation. MDCare EMR/PMS is a path setter, state-of-art advanced web-based user-friendly application equipped with all the comprehensive features such as scheduling, clinical documentation, patient education forms, HL7 interface, integrated billing module, efficient AR module, documentation management, denial management, HIPPA, e-prescription with SureScripts interface, and multispecialty support.
MD Dictate PC is a PC-based, speech-enabled medical documentation system that helps medical professionals save time, increase revenue and cut costs while streamlining the entire medical transcription process. Powerful document templates and voice macros, customized for the dictator, speed dictation time as much as 50%.
MD-Reports Electronic Health Records software is a patient charting tool to help organize patient procedure reports, consultation reports, lab reports and other important medical documents seamlessly thus facilitating a true paperless office.
MedAffinity EHR is a comprehensive and easy-to-use medical records software suite, designed so that physicians spend less time with their clipboards and computers and more time with patients. For a full explanation of how our software will make your practice more efficient, visit our website at
Medflow is dedicated to serving the ophthalmic community. The company has more than 65 combined years of hands-on experience in the ophthalmology industry. There are more than 4000 patient visits a day being documented, managed, archived and stored using ophthalmicsuite™ software. We know and understand your needs and we are committed to providing the most effective solutions for a fair and equitable price for practices large and small.
Medgen is an Electronic Health Record System that is extremely customizable and easy to use. With a rich set of features for your convenience, it can be tailored to your practice.
The GreenApples MedSystems’ Medgre EHR comprises of the following modules to empower the medical practice: Appointment Scheduler, Prescription Writer – Quick Legible Prescriptions, History, Patient Dashboard, Records, Quick Records Search, Patient Intake Forms, Review of systems, Referral and Admit Reports, Alerts and track data.
Medical Mime’s EHR modules provide cloud-based services including charting, scheduling, billing, e-Prescribing, electronic superbills, OCR insurance scanning, lab integrations, electronic faxing as well as ICD-9, ICD-10, CPCT Procedural Codes & HCPCS Procedural Coding.
Cyber Records’ products, designed by physicians, are the answer to easy and affordable electronic medical records. With Medichart Express you ‘speak’ your office /surgical note and immediately generate professional reports with captured medical images, consultation letters, nurses' notes, prescriptions, lab orders, disease management tools and more.
MedicsDocAssistant™ V.7.0 is certified by ICSA Labs® as a complete EHR for Stage 2 Meaningful Use (MU). The built-in, real time MU Dashboard reports on status for attestation as soon as MU is met, and the built-in Medics ICD-10 Code Converter makes it easy to select the correct code during the encounter. MedicsDocAssistant is primary care and specialty-specific, including Radiology and Behavioral Health. The system is scalable, accommodating practices of any size and can be implemented in Cloud / ASP or Client Server (customer hosted) formats.
by Healthcare Intelligence, INC
HEALTHCARE INTELLIGENCE, INC. (HCI) is a privately owned healthcare-focused software and systems integration company that provides healthcare professionals and organizations with an “Intermittent-Connection” mobile technology solution (“MediMobile™”), to deliver critical and real-time point-of-care information and billing charge capture to and from a clinician’s handheld device.
MediTalk is an unparalleled physician's user interface for medical dictation, which can be implemented in over 30 specialties. MediTalk QuikNotes was proudly unveiled in 1998 and soon became the flagship of dictation systems for the medical industry. The newest product, MediTalk Enterprise, was released in the Fall of 2001 and is second to none.
A leading software vendor in the health care informatics industry for 39 years, MEDITECH provides integrated software solutions that meet the information needs of health care organizations worldwide. The organizations we serve include hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physicians' offices, long term care and behavioral health facilities, and home health organizations.
With MedLink iSuite 4.0 EHR you can schedule appointments, chart patient information, write prescriptions, bill your patients and file claims - all within our integrated software suite. Developed specifically for your ambulatory care practice, MedLink's iSuite improves the way you capture, manage, exchange and store patient information by automating the process. Our products are created by physicians who know your world and the challenges you face in the day-to-day operation of your medical practice.
meridianEMR is the #1 installed Urology EHR with over 1,000 Urologists. Exclusive “live” Meaningful Use Tracking Board available for our clients to assist them in achieving Meaningful Use. We are CCHIT 2011certified and ONC certified. Clients can begin using meridianEMR immediately with their unique Blended Model technology. They offer unsurpassed clinical templates, comprehensive coding, Urology PQRI, eRX, and integrated PM system.
Designed exclusively for physician practices, MxChart is a simple, fast and intuitive electronic health record solution that improves productivity and meets your needs...from Day One™. MxChart, a web-based EHR, is easy-to-implement, easy-to-use and most importantly, it’s an affordable solution for your medical practice. MxChart is a web-based EHR built on modules allowing you to implement what you need, when you need it - with no loss of clinical productivity.
MyChartsOnline is a Web-based, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that is designed to do one thing very, very well: capture the patient notes of chiropractors in electronic form. By switching from handwritten, paper notes to MyChartsOnline, you will immediately experience a huge advance in speed, convenience, and accuracy.
Allscripts MyWay does things your way. It’s intuitive, easy to learn and even easier to use. MyWay offers features like adaptive learning – meaning it adjusts to your patterns and preferences - quick customization and a template-free workflow to complement the way you practice medicine.
NextGen EMR is an innovative electronic medical records system designed to help physician practices improve quality, reduce risk, cut costs and increase revenues. Appropriate for any size medical practice—from a small, solo practice to a large, multi-provider, multi-location group, NextGen EMR is ideally suited for providers that want to share and manage clinical and administrative patient information through a comprehensive, single-source application.
OncoEMR is the first web-based, oncology-specific clinical management system. Designed to automatically create documentation where everything goes according to plan, OncoEMR allows you to focus on the situations where something unforeseen occurs. Key patient medical data is securely available 24x7 via the web. OncoEMR provides affordability without sacrifice in an EMR solution.
This application was created in conjunction with and for orthopaedic surgeons to record and manage patient encounters in the most expedient manner possible to maximize efficiency.
Built by physicians, based on classic healthcare workflows, OneTouch EMR delivers a certified, simplified EMR for meaningful use on a monthly fee basis. Unlike the pop-up heavy systems so prevalent today, OneTouch EMR is based on criteria for meaningful use, and grass roots medical care. A visit feels like a visit, familiar chart and workflow, and access to all the information you need at the touch of a finger.
Patagonia Health EMR software is simple, easy to use and is specifically designed for small physician practices. It is designed for affordability in mind. We understand that the existing EMR systems are too cumbersome for small practices and slow physicians down.
PatientNOW is a healthcare software company designed especially for aesthetic medical practices. The software features the revolutionary Patient Acquisition and Retention™ (“PAR™”) pathway system which is a proactive marketing automation engine. The system is exclusively designed to capture and retain every prospect and ultimately increases revenue for the practice. patientNOW wasn’t just created by a bunch of people who haven’t had a day of experience in what you do – we know how cosmetic surgery practices, dermatology centers and medical spas work. It is all proven in our easy-to-use software.
Allscripts (formerly Eclipsys) Peak Practice EMR brings you an award winning suite of electronic medical records and practice management that optimizes every aspect of your medical practice. Peak Practice's .NET-based EMR suite streamlines the complex workflow of the medical field with integrated functionality that meets the needs of a variety of specialties.
Universal EHR Solutions Electronic Medical Records system, Physician’s Solution®, is a patient information management system that provides medical offices with a sophisticated yet easy to use method for entering and storing patients’ health information electronically. Physician’s Solution manages this information through every step of treatment, from scheduling initial appointments to noting treatment procedures, while also handling message review and labs, prescriptions and refills, claims, collections and reports.
PracticeIT's mission is to improve physician practice revenue, profitability, and satisfaction through affordable, innovative technology. The company's current products include a light EMR system as well as other hand-held medical devices.
PRAXIS® EMR with Concept Processing technology is more than a sophisticated charting system -- it is your Second Medical Brain. Templates are rigid, with endless pick-lists turning you into a mere technician of medicine. Instead of forcing your patients into a uniform mold, PRAXIS® EMR uses your own words, phrases, and methodology to provide you with only the information you need.
Precision Code Plus is a stand-alone model for unparalleled code processing, searching and editing. Enhances the correctness of medical coding in a practice. Thousands of edits including over 360,000 primary CCI edits CCI edit checks are automatic. Versatile - designed for coder, office support personnel, or physician. Accommodates any specialty. Collects RVU data for enhanced reporting.
Prime Suite, Greenway Health’s integrated EHR and practice management (PM) system, combines powerful clinical, financial and analytics technology with customizable features so providers and administrators can document encounters, bill and report the way that works best for them. Physicians, nurses and other medical professionals are crucial members of Greenway Health's software development teams. Their combined experiences and recommendations power Prime Suite functionality and the result is an electronic health record (EHR) that providers actually use … and use well.
Bizmatics provides clinical and business productivity suites and services to healthcare providers. Our complete solution set includes PrognoCIS EMR, Scheduling, Patient Portal and analytics. Our first product, PrognoCIS, in the series of solutions we have planned, is an Internet based enterprise class clinical information solution.
Only ProVation MD, with its intuitive interface and database of specialty-specific procedure content, quickly guides thorough physician procedure documentation that satisfies all your facility's needs. The software's Anticipatory Interface® reminds the physician to document key elements for the procedure and is intuitive to ensure high physician adoption. Efficiently capturing key procedure information in the note is one thing, analyzing and disseminating that information throughout your facility is another. Immediately after the procedure is complete, ProVation MD will automatically generate billing codes, personalized letters for referring physicians, patient instructions, quality registry submissions, data reports and more.
Q.D. Clinical, used by thousands of physicians nationwide over the past decade. It is compatible with pen-based, touch-screen, voice recognition software, and now interfaces with Palm™-PDA devices. Q.D. Clinical’s fully customizable database engine accommodates specialty-specific, problem-specific, and treatment-specific information for patient care.
ReDoc Suite is an intuitive software application designed to optimize the efficiency and quality of the documentation process for physical, occupational, and speech language pathology therapists. It is the only documentation software endorsed by both the APTA and AOTA for clinical excellence.
MED SOFTWARE RESource is a comprehensive patient management system that handles every facet of the fertility patient lifecycle. RESource is based on the Microsoft Windows platform utilizing SQL Server. As this platform evolves, so must RESource. We built RESource with this in mind. You will not be left with a legacy system tomorrow.
SecurityHealthNotes EHR, a web-based, full-featured Electronic Health Record system offering the security and ease of use required by today's sophisticated medical practice. Security Health Notes, a virtually keyboard-free, point-and-click solution, will allow physicians to increase quality time with patients, quickly complete exams and associated tasks, and be secure in the knowledge that all their efforts are documented, while utilizing an extremely intuitive, inexpensive program that conforms to all federal requirements including CCHIT and HIPAA guidelines.
SerenityEMR is your patient centered EMR designed by a physician for physicians. Our focus issimplified clinical workflows and overall usability. SerenityEMR is designed and updated in a working medical practice by a team with a combined 32 years of experience in medical software development and implementation. This system is fully customizable and is ideal for any size practice. SerenityEMR easily integrates into your already busy schedule making your life easier.
SmartClinic is a user-friendly, Electronic Medical Records (CPR) system that automates the entire spectrum of clinical activities including patient history, review of systems, physical exams, progress notes, prescriptions, test orders and results. It enhances efficiency, provides access to patient records at any time, saves time, limits malpractice and audit liabilities, contains costs and maximizes reimbursement levels.
SOAPware is an Electronic Medical Record designed for clinics. It is designed to evolve the practice and eventually replace paper charts*. It is most commonly used in practices of 1-10 doctors. 80% of users are Family Physicians but 30 different specialty clinics are using it in thousands of clinics and in all 50 states.
T-System is the leader in emergency department clinical, business and IT solutions, offering point of care tools to streamline processes and improve workflow efficiency. Our tools, driven by chief complaint, promote compliance, accuracy, quality and patient safety, while optimizing coding and charge capture. T-System … for people working smarter to improve care.
UniEHR’s Electronic Medical Records Software is called Physician’s Solution® because it allows you to increase the efficiency of the care and service provided to your patients and referring physicians, while reducing the amount of time you need to spend on notes, charts and orders, reducing your overall costs and increasing your insurance reimbursement revenues, collections and profits. Physician’s Solution® was Designed By Doctors For Doctors© as an intuitive program that thinks and works the way you do.
UroChartEHR, a CCHIT Certified ambulatory EMR, partners with urologists to improve urologic patient care and enhance their practice revenue by making urologists and their office staff more efficient. This creates a truly innovative Timeline to organize patient medical data in a relevant way for urologists.
Mele Associates is directly associated with the development of X-Link with VistA EMR created by the Centers for Medicare ad Medicaid. MELE Associates, provides state-of-the-art Information Technology business solutions to a wide range of Federal and commercial clients across the United States and in the Pacific Rim and Africa. We support all phases of the IT life-cycle and provide a full range of IT services.
Wilson Medical Washington EMR computerizes patient records for physicians. It is known as an "EMR" program, which stands for "Electronic Medical Record". Washington's templates allow you to quickly document a patient visit with a few clicks. Washington can save you time by allowing you to document patient visits at the point of care and by reducing paperwork by filling in prescriptions and faxing or printing them for you. Compatible with tablet PCs and voice recognition software, it is inexpensive, but sophisticated and robust.
The value WebChartNow delivers can be summed up in two words—minimally invasive. Patients have long enjoyed the benefits of minimally invasive procedures, and the minimally invasive EHR portfolio from MIE increases comfort, improves outcomes and accelerates the realization of benefits for medical professionals. Our approach is designed to minimize upheaval and help your practices realize the maximum return on an affordable EHR investment.
Since our launch in February of 2008, WebPT has grown to become the #1 web-based Physical Therapy EMR with over 25,000 members in all 50 U.S. states. Founded by a tenured outpatient PT/Clinic Director and a veteran software developer specializing in web-based applications, WebPT is a true marriage of PT and IT. The state of the art application delivers streamlined templates that allow for the most efficient yet compliant therapy documentation for your clinic.
The MD Logic World Wide EMR™ is the "EHR of Choice" for physicians who want to implement technology that will benefit both the patient and the healthcare provider. Our EMR/EHR solution creates a paperless environment allowing both the physician and staff real time access to patient information.
The WritePad™ Electronic Medical Reporting System is a full service randomized-text exam note and report generation system that can help a clinic become more efficient and cost effective, as well as more compliant with evolving Health Care Industry Regulations. The WritePad™ EMR System is the flagship product of Addison Health Systems, currently used daily by over 2,000 doctors nationwide in various types of clinics to track patients, create exam notes, and compile detailed patient reports.
Creative EMS Solutions was created with the goal of harnessing the very latest in cutting-edge information technology to provide innovative solutions to the EMS industry. Our technology and support solutions can provide the perfect scalability for your company to keep pace right along with increasing demand. From creative technology solutions to dedicated It Support, data storage and outsourcing solutions, Creative EMS is the leading service provider to the industry.
Unlike other EHR vendors, Yeats Clinical has designed the Practice Management (PM) and EHR into one unified product. This means that all of your key office functions are seamlessly integrated into one package. Or they can be used individually and integrated with most other software so you won’t lose any previous investment.