PACS Medical Imaging

ImageGrid is a cost-effective PACS appliance, consisting of a suite of sophisticated software capabilities closely integrated with state-of-the-art hardware. An appliance operating system, optimized internal data path, embedded database, and DICOM services, integrated with industry-standard CPU and RAID 5 comprise the major elements of the system. ImageGrid PACS enables any imaging facility to cost-effectively implement PACS without sacrificing on any features and capabilities.
INFINITT PACS is a completely web-based image management solution with RIS/PACS, Cardiology PACS, Mammo PACS and 3D post-processing capabilities all operating on a single database platform. Its architecture enables uniformity of the user interface across the healthcare enterprise, single logon capability, improved workflow and simplified integration with other applications and information systems. INFINITT PACS provides greater value for the end user and reduces IT support requirements.
NovaRIS is the last RIS you will ever buy. With free lifetime upgrades your RIS will never need to be outmoded, obsolete, or incompatible. As we continue to improve and perfect NovaRIS, upgrades are yours at no cost to you – for life. NovaRIS was created to improve the efficiency of your workflow with a user friendly interface. NovaRIS will streamline your workflow, providing time stamps, tracking, and reports for every aspect of your process.
OfficePACS by Stryker Imaging, is a tool, and tools are supposed to make life easier, not more difficult. Thus, we have designed OfficePACS to be as simple as possible. Our on-screen icons make sense. Our proprietary software is intuitive. Our training takes minutes, not days. We have done all of this so you can improve efficiencies in your practice without taking time away from what is most important – your patients.
Opal-RAD offers a unique "patient centered" imaging solution. Years of experience, coupled with vast amounts of input from medical practitioners, have expanded and shaped the way this PACS functions and interacts. Instead of focusing solely on capturing images, Opal-RAD creates patient profiles that can travel with the patient throughout their medical history. The moment a patient enters your medical facility, an electronic profile, or patient file, is created in Opal-RAD.
With proven architecture and productivity-enhancing technologies, RamSoft’s software solutions provide an unbeatable value. Its single platform database technology is the most competitive imaging solution in the market today. Available globally, this fully web-based image management solution provides the stability and performance Radiology Practices require.
Seppi Technology Associates, LLC has developed sepStream™ RIS/PACS and Teleradiology software to provide a complete and affordable solution to the Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology industry. sepStream™ consists of seven powerful (7) modules: Archive Module, Routing (DICOM) Module, Workflow Module, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Module, Reporting Module, RIS Module and HIS/RIS Integration Module.