Patient Check-in Kiosk

Instant Medical History is patient interview software that organizes patient concerns and enables physicians to manage patient encounters more efficiently while improving charting automatically.
Once upon a time in your office, new patients would fill out several detailed forms by hand. Once finished they would hand their often illegible forms to your employee who would begin the arduous task of manually entering the information into your system. Paper was wasted, errors in data entry were made, and inefficiency reigned. Now all that has changed. With your new patient kiosk, patients enter their own information safely and securely into your practice management system.
Phreesia makes it easy for clinicians to collect critical patient information, automatically verify eligibility and benefits, and collect patient payments at the point-of-care. In order to consistently develop and improve its service, Phreesia has ongoing relationships with prestigious medical and educational institutions, and receives continuous feedback from its rapidly growing network of medical practices.