Patient Portals

Phreesia is the nation’s leader in patient intake management. By leveraging the power of self-service, Phreesia’s innovative platform provides a modern, consistent patient experience, while enabling healthcare organizations to optimize their staffing and enhance clinical care.
Branching logic enables patients to progress quickly through adjustable questionnaires from an extensive medical knowledgebase. Sophisticated technology enables this information to transfer to EMRs. Physician productivity increases because as much as sixty percent of the medical data necessary to complete the visit note can be provided by patients and automatically documented in medical terminology through the Internet, in exam rooms, or in waiting areas before the visit.
Bridge Patient Portal is the leading 2014 certified patient portal solution with a full range of completely customizable features. Bridge Patient Portal is HIPAA-compliant, reliable, and extremely easy to use. It is also designed to help practices, hospitals, and healthcare organizations build better patient-provider relationships and simplify patient management. Integrate the patient portal with your website and digital marketing campaign, and benefit from bundled expert marketing assistance as well.
Qure4u is a state-of-the-art communication and data-sharing network used by thousands of healthcare providers in Europe, India and the US.