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X-Link Medical Software Data Flow Diagram

X-Link Medical Software Interfacing offers data exchange between medical data service providers, as well as financial and clinical applications provided by a variety of manufacturers. This will afford current and prospective users the opportunity to easily interface with multiple software solutions.

Patient demographics, insurance, appointments, and charge captures are the most commonly exchanged types of data. This content presents itself in a wide variety of formats and is transmitted across a myriad of connections, which is why a versatile interoperability solution vastly eases the adoption of an EMR or other type of software that shares vital medical information.

By preventing double entry of patient data and charge information, and by pre-populating clinical and other systems with appointment and demographic data, this interoperability solution vastly improves office productivity. Other key end-user benefits include reducing errors and data inconsistencies, and improving billing turnaround by feeding completed patient encounter information, including charge captures, directly into the billing cycle.

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“In the medical field; physicians, administrators and nurses rely upon accurate billing and detailed records. X-Link allows you to stop maintaining and updating patient data separately in multiple programs and improve operational efficiency with real time access to data. Reducing human resources by utilizing X-Link allows greater productivity and time management, providing practices the opportunity to supply better patient care.”

-Gary Gorsline 
Founder of of X-Link.