Accountable Care Organizations

Revolutionary Healthcare Made Easy

Care Organizations are where the action is. Comprised of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs,) Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs,) and Medical Service Organizations (MSOs,) and others, they are trying to manage the care given to provide better quality of care while reducing costs.

Care Organizations are using Business Intelligence Tools and/or Services to identify patient populations that are to be targeted for additional education of either the patients and/or caregivers. These tools can also identify medical protocols that are not producing sufficient results, while also identifying those protocols that are producing better than normal results. 

Care Organizations are finding they need additional data that includes the actual costing of services. Many Care Organizations are using claim data supplied for the care givers under their domain received from Medicare and/or Medicaid programs. However, this data is 60 to 90 days old when received, and it does not contain the commercial payor data, self-pay patient data, provider write-offs, and most patient payments. X-Link provides detailed ledger data as soon as the service is provided using our Ledger Messaging connected to the caregiver’s Practice Management System (PMS). Care Organizations can benefit from the capturing of appointment data from the caregiver’s scheduling system. This data gives the Care Organization information on what is going to happen. This can be useful in several different, but cost saving ways.

Many Care Organizations have therefore also taken on the Data Exchange function, as the same data to provide better care also contains the same information the government has mandated to be exchanged. And Care Organizations also benefit from this exchange of data, so it is a very sensible combination of services. MU2 data is not enough for Care Organizations to be successful. Not even MU3 proposed data will suffice. This is why X-Link’s approach to providing all clinical data in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) to the Care Organization has become in such high demand. This even includes getting data from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) / Health Information Technologies (HIT) on national and regional outcomes of their peers. Thus allowing comparisons of costs and medical protocols and their effectiveness

X-Link provides all the connectivity required by Care Organizations. Check out X-Link's Systems Linked List or contact us at 800-645-2962 or 813-995-2200 for more information.

Collaborate With Peers

X-Link allows Care Organizations to connect any number of providers in a network...regardless of pre-existing software systems. Easily exchange data between peers and government organizations to compare cost, standardize medical protocols and measure effectiveness.

Have Access to All of Your Data... and Use it to Your Advantage

X-Link gives Care Organizations access to a patient's historical data with the ability to populate a wide variety of healthcare systems with the pre-existing database. This allows Care Organizations to more easily diagnose and treat patients, leading to effective and cost efficient patient care.

Preventative Care is No Longer a Hassle

Because X-Link seamlessly transfers and updates patient data between systems in real time, Care Organizations can ensure that their patients are coming in for follow-up appointments, monitor at-home screening and prevent reoccurring injuries and unnecessary treatments.