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Patient/Practice Synergy Made Possible

Patient Communication tools and service companies provide patient portals, which supply patients with phone, text and email reminders, as well as other important communications.  Other than being a requirement of Meaningful Use 2 to perform 5% of the caregivers communications with patients electronically, patient communication and engagement is the heart of reducing health care costs and improving quality of care. This means that we have to get patients to understand their past and current health status, what this status means to their future and how to manage any issues they have or most likely will have as a result of their status. 

Successful communication includes providing as much detail of the patient's health status as possible from their caregiver's Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) system with relevant hyper-links to health information that explains their status in simplistic terms. 

This may sound somewhat simple, but attempts to create a synergy between care givers and patients in the United States have always lacked.  In many countries like Denmark and throughout the European Union, patients were educated well over a decade ago that these tools and services used to perform patient communications is of great benefit to the patient.

The most logical place for patient communications to be connected is not to each provider directly, but to Care Organizations, who have the most to gain from patient communications.  Connecting Care Organizations to patient communication tools and services allow them to evade shortcomings presented by the current healthcare technology market. For example, if a patient sees two or more caregivers in their community, each caregiver is most likely using a different EHR than the others. Therefore, the patient will have to logon to separate patient portals to see their full patient status and history.  The patient will not be able to enjoy the benefits of having a single patient portal with all of their historical prescription, procedure and immunization data in one place where that patient can get a comprehensive picture of their medical status.  For real patient acceptance of patient communications, patients must have all of their data in one place, on one patient portal, which can be easily accomplished by Care Organizations using X-Link.

X-Link provides all the connectivity required by Patient Communication Systems. Check out X-Link's Systems Linked List or contact us at 800-645-2962 or 813-995-2200 for more information.

Preventative Care Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Preventative care is the most efficient way that a provider can reduce the cost of healthcare. When providers use X-Link to bidirectionally transmit appointment information, patients are always aware of their appointments and can always set or make changes anytime, anywhere.

Provide Life Saving Information Before the Appointment

By using X-Link to connect a patient portal to any number of clinical systems, providers can securely transmit laboratory and test results 24/7, directly to a patient's computer and mobile devices, as well as message them directly with any urgent matters.

Get Paid Faster and More Efficiently

Because X-Link can connect virtually any healthcare IT system, providers can set up their Practice Management System to transfer financial data to a patient portal, allowing patients to get payment reminders and send payments back to the PMS.