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ICD-10 is Here, But is Everything Functioning Properly?

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! After 3 years of preparation, deliberations and setbacks, the ICD-10 deadline came on October 1st, 2015. The X-Link Team is committed to helping healthcare professionals everywhere successfully transition to ICD-10 as painlessly as possible by providing educational materials, training and support! 


Checklist: Questions to Ask Your Systems Vendors about ICD-10
As the health care industry embraces broader use of health IT, many providers are looking to purchase or upgrade their clinical and administrative health IT systems. ICD-10 should be a consideration when choosing either clinical or administrative health IT systems. 
Asking the right questions about ICD-10 will help ensure that a new system will meet your practice’s health IT goals. 
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The Day After: When ICD-10 Work Really Begins
"While providers may be inclined to breathe a huge sigh of relief once they have successfully executed ICD-10 implementation and testing, the reality is that most of the hard work still awaits them after October 1, 2014. 
That's because for even the well-prepared, flipping the switch to ICD-10 won't be anything close to a seamless transition."

Training: How to Give ICD-10 Training a Turbo Boost
Healthcare consultant Denny Flint says dual coding is the way to quickly learn ICD-10 coding. As you assign ICD-9 codes to cases as they go through the system, assign ICD-10 codes too. This learning by doing will give your team practice working with the ICD-10 code sets and highlight clinical documentation deficiencies. Hopefully it will test your systems too.