Need an Interface?

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Valuable time is wasted and data is plagued with errors when patient information must be manually entered into the patient record in multiple software like clinical or billing software. When X-Link software developers build an interface that exchanges data electronically, everything changes-- cost, time, effort and accuracy.

Our experience and expertise in integration software, data conversions and user interfaces for medical systems enables us to quickly assess projects and produce an early design concept. This level of know-how allows us to perform modeling and simulation to identify potential issues early and give confidence in both architecture and performance. For integration, conversion and user interface development; the X-Link team has in-depth knowledge of User Task Analysis techniques to ensure the user's needs are clearly understood, combined with the software skills to rapidly develop solutions that make complex systems simple to use.

Most medical applications have interface specifications that do not match between the two systems planned for integration, even if data standards like HL7 or XML are used. The net result of this issue is incompatible specifications, resulting in software interfaces that cannot exist and cannot enable connectivity. However, X-Link developers utilize a products existing infrastructure to minimize effort and time involved with interface deployment. X-Link is unique in that it is developed specific to each vendors requirements, and performs needed translations in formatting and transport to facilitate the movement of data - no matter the variation in the two vendors interface requirements. 

X-Link is the only interfacing technology that can offer a single development plan for each interface possibility on our list. Once a system is developed into X-Link, maintenance is non-existent or significantly reduced due to our unique development methods. Interface creation includes a three phase approach – development of the product, testing the X-Link interface internally as well as in a sandbox environment with tutorial data and systems. X-Link provides a level of confidence not found with other commercially available interfaces because of this hands on approach to development and testing. Users can rest assured that their interface has been thoroughly researched, planned, scoped and tested before they ever use  X-Link. 

This list shows only an example of the capabilities offered for interface development. Let the X-Link team help with your specific integration scenario. Dozens of new connectivity end-points are being added to the X-Link connectivity platform every week. Review the Systems Linked List to find various systems available for integration today.

If you are interested in obtaining development services, simply contact us at 800-645-2962 or 813-995-2200


Data Formats Supported:

  • HL7 (Health Level Seven) Version 2.x, 3.x; any data type (ADT, SIU, DFT, MFN, MDM, ORU, ORM)

  • XML

  • JSON

  • CDA (Clinical Data Architecture)

  • CCR (Continuity of Care Record)

  • CCD (Continuity of Care Document)

  • IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) Profiles


  • CPT

  • NDC


  • EDI/ANSI X12


  • ASTM

  • CSV (Comma Separated Values)

  • Custom and Proprietary Formats

Data Transport/Connectivity Supported:

  • File Folder

  • TCP/IP

  • SFTP

  • MLLP

  • SOAP Web Services


  • Restful/RestAPI

  • Web Services

  • JMS (Java Messaging Service)

  • Direct Database - PostgreSQL, SQL, mySQL, Advantage, Access, Oracle, Pervasive, ODBC, Transoft, DBISAM

  • Custom and Proprietary Connectivity

Data Types Supported: 

  • Demographics

  • Insurance

  • Appointments

  • Superbills

  • Ledgers

  • Payments

  • Laboratory Orders

  • Laboratory Results

  • Clinical Data (Allergies, Medications, Encounters, Vital Signs, Social, Family and Surgical History, etc.)