X-Link Medical Software Interfacing

As an educated medical consumer, you understand the value of utilizing existing clinical and practice management systems to have them work seamlessly with newly implemented solutions. X-Link allows you to “Link” your Electronic Medical Records System with your existing Practice Management System, allowing seamless integration of information, and avoiding duplicate data entry. Since X-Link operates in "real time", when anyone in the practice enters information into one system, it will automatically show up in the other system. This will save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

By working with X-Link and selected Partners, practitioners can connect to virtually any healthcare software system including:

You too can use X-Link to deliver the data you need - where you need it - when you need it.

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“In the medical field, physicians, administrators and nurses rely upon accurate billing and detailed records. X-Link allows you to stop maintaining and updating patient data separately in multiple programs and improve operational efficiency with real time access to data. Reducing human resources by utilizing X-Link allows greater productivity and time management, providing practices the opportunity to supply better patient care.”

-Gary Gorsline
Founder of X-Link Medical Software Interfacing.