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X-Link Medical Software Interfacing is a real-time middleware that provides end-users with the capability to exchange data between medical software packages and/or data service providers produced by a diverse array of manufacturers. The software packages and/or data service providers are generally categorized as Practice Management Systems (Billing), Electronic Health Records Systems (Charting), Laboratory Systems, Prescription Systems, and other categories.

The types of data exchanged are usually Patient Demographics, Insurance Coverage, Billing Transactions, Appointments, Clinical, Ledgers, Payments and other types of data. The exchange of data occurs with a wide variety of data formats as defined by both the source and destination systems and this data is carried over a variety of interconnects including network file sharing, TCP/IP, HTTPS, SFTP, serial and other common and proprietary connections.

Exchange of information is generally provided in real time with only new and changed information actually transferring over the interconnect, but this method is sometimes varied by limitations imposed by either the source or destination systems.

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